Friday, December 13, 2019

Google Is Changing Everything Free Essays

Google Is Changing Everything 1. Use Google to conduct a search. What advertisements appear next to the search results? Answer: Advertisements related to the search keyword. We will write a custom essay sample on Google Is Changing Everything or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. What is Google trying to do with spreadsheets? Answer: Google try to provide spreadsheets to compete Microsoft products as well as to be able to provide online spreadsheets where people could share and collaborate instantly to the spreadsheets and store the file online instead in local computer 3. What is an enterprise search? Answer: Enterprise search is the practice of making content from multiple enterprise-type sources, such as databases and intranets, to be indexed, searched and displayed to authorized users 4. Identify potential revenue models in Google’s activities described here and on Google’s Web site. Answer: Google potential revenue model is through advertisement. Therefore we can said that Google Revenue = Time Spend On Web. The more time people spent on the web means more exposure to Google ads. For the advertisement, the advertisers pays Google for every person clicks on the ad which lead to the advertiser’s website. . How do Google’s services benefit a company such as Kaiser? Answer: From the case study, we can see that Kaiser developed clinical knowledge portal for their 50,000 doctors, nurses and other caregiver, which main purpose is to allow right information be able to be accessed quickly and easily. Therefore with the combination of knowledge which stored in the po rtal and the advancement of Google Search Appliance, Google able to provide them with reliable indexing and also strong search capability. Furthermore by using Google’s spell checking, problem with doctor handwriting and pharmaceutical products name can be easily overcome. 6. Why is Google considered a Web 2. 0 company? How is it related to social networking? Answer: According to Wikipedia, Web 2. 0 is associated with web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing, interoperability and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Based on the characteristic of web 2. 0, Google can be considered as Web 2. Company because it can be accessed from anywhere, have strong data which supporting their company, periodically updated, and have good user interface. Google can be considered to web 2. 0 company not only related to their social networking product, but also to their other product such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc. Through Orkut, which already being replaced with Google Plus, which is Google social networking product. From Google Plus user will be able to interact with others and create network with othe rs 7. Enter google. om and identify all wireless activities. Answer: Google try to move all the desktop application to web based application. In the google. com site, the wireless activities that can be found are search maps, Google Plus, Google Mail, You Tube, Google Groups, Google Document, etc. 8. Google derives most of its income from advertisement. Yet, it provides many other services for free. Speculate on the reasons. Answer: It is believed that anything that related to digital networks quickly feels the effect of falling cost. According to basic economic theory, in a competitive market, price falls to marginal cost. And this also applies to Internet, however in this sector every day marginal cost of digital information comes closet to nothing. And in my opinion why Google provides their service free is in order to build their reputation. I believed that once people already gained trusted, feel comfortable and feel that this service provide lots of benefit, they will not be oppose if they need to pay for this service eventually. For example in Google web advertisement, it all started with their good reputation in searching keyword based on their PageRank technology, which lead to attention, which mean increase in traffic, and as a return, money come to Google through advertisement. 9. Identify Google’s activities related to e-commerce. Answer: Related to e-commerce, Google facilitates advertising through Google AdSense. In addition to that, Google also facilitate online selling and buying by introducing Google Product Search. How to cite Google Is Changing Everything, Papers

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